Sterling Registrars Limited (SRL) was incorporated on 4th April, 1994 as a private Limited Company and registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission to render Register admission services in all facets to coorporate organizations alike. SRL is equipped with season proven professionals with core competence in Accounting, Investment/Finance, Marketing and the Legal profession. SRL provides quality service tailored to the needs of her client either one-off basis for capital issues or a permanent basis to companies for effective management of company register. At, our essences comprised of a first class Register Administrative services. The company prides itself in its unrivalled services to corporate organisation needs. SRL's business objective has always been distinctive, the company is looking up to be the foremost player in Register Administration services.


  • Timely processing of Transaction diskettes from CSCS to update the Register of membres
  • Orderly and well organized Annual and Extral-ordinary General Meetings.
  • Timely processing of dividends/bonuses when decleared.
  • Prompt response to shareholders enquiries.
  • Prompt information dissemination to the Nigerian Stock Exchange
  • Attendance of All Parties and Completion Board Meeting for issues.
  • Preparation and verification of Share Cetificates
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Our Mission

To deliver quality services to our customers and benefits to stakeholders

Our Vision

To be a dominant player in our chosen area.